UP leaves clear standards for exam

About to enter the exam room, to decide your academic course, the Pedagogical University (UP), brings recommendations for you. Here on this site, we also intensify the disclosure, so that there is no disapproval for lack of notice. Consult UP exam room 2019 {available by SMS} So, come on….

  • Consult (via SMS or on the platform) and acknowledge the exam room at least 24 hours in advance;
  • Enter the exam room 30 min before the start of each test exam;
  • Be the bearer of identification documents (BI or passport for national and DIRE candidates for foreign applicants);
  • Do not dialogue or exchange material with colleagues during the examination test;
  • Identify the exam test, according to the instructions given by the watchful teacher and which are shown on the answer sheet;
  • Do not enter the examination room after 20 min after the start of the test;
  • Refrain from any type and form of academic fraud;
  • Cease writing or marking as soon as the end of the time provided for the exam test is announced;
  • Leave the examination room after the authorization of the Vigilant teacher;
  • The entry into the examination room of unauthorized electronic material is prohibited;
  • The use of calculation machines and dictionaries may be carried out in case of being recommended in the examination itself;
  • Fill your code correctly on the overlay.

There are students who like to risk it, be careful because you're entering a public contest and you don't use heart there. Nobody knows anyone, leaves the charm aside and focuses on your future! Hugs!

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