Unizambeze 2019 Announcement in PDF {Download}

Now live one more time. I’m sure it’s not the first time we’ve entered our site. Our website is dedicated to providing tips for students who are studying for the admission exams of the universities of the country.

Amazing results on admission exams 2019 in 5 steps

As we are seeing that not only does it benefit national students, this is from Mozambique, but also from countries like Angola, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, we are working towards grow our network so that we have collaborators from these countries.

Unizambeze 2019 Announcement

The name Zambezi University derives from the Zambezi River that literally crosses the central zone of the country, giving it strategic importance for the development of Mozambique and the southern region of Africa, due to its enormous potential in mineral resources, Water and biodiversity.

You can read more about the university here. If you need the Unizambeze 2019 announcement click here. After you can download the announcement, stay a while on our website and benefit from some unique tips.

You can also see other notices here: admission exams announcement  2019, UEM, ISRI before you leave, click on the red Bell to receive news from Unizambeze on your device when we post.


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