You’re having an anxiety at 1000km/hour

Surely we’ve all heard that some students have been studying all year, knew everything, but arrived on the day of the admission exams, lost the time, forgot the document, were too nervous or went through some situation that disqualified them from the Admission exam.

Do you know the result of all this? Of course it’s “not admitted.

In this article I will speak of two basic things. The time and personal documents. Not to study with quality, if in reality the day of the admission exam will “put water”. If you have time read: Better than studying a lot is studying with quality.

Let’s see now how to control all this.


Carefully appreciate the admission examination notice, read calmly. If you haven’t pre-registered, you may be thinking about how to choose the course. For that reason, I ended up writing an article for you, on the subject. READ: How to choose the best course for college!

After reading the indicated article, you can pre-register UEM or UP here. In the notice there is a part that indicates the time and date of examinations, see well and be aware of it. See the distance from your home to the location of the admission exam, the type of transport you use, predict traffic on the road until your transport is damaged.

Indicated documents

Now prepare all documents that will take the exam room, if you forget your identification “you will not enter in the exam room.” Make sure there’s no excuses in that. Please don’t give the competitor any loopholes! I hope I’ve been synthetic. If you found this article useful for your preparation, share it with other friends


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