Starting from ZERO is a bonus that life give you!

Hi, we’re back! We hope you’re enjoying good health. Our site is reformulating to face new challenges for admission exams 2020. With the admission exams of 2019 we learned a lot. Every exam is a surprise for all of us.

Enjoy it before it’s too late, download the admission exams from UP 2019, PDF to your file. In the coming days we will bring new tips in function of the new reality of admission exams 2019.

Before you finish, meet our Facebook group of preparation for admission exams and our YouTube channel. In the previous year was possible to bring resolutions of exams in videos lessons, hopefully this time we have time to publish there on the channel.

We are always together and we are still counting on your support. If you are already at the university we want many successes and we ask you to share this article using Facebook or WhatsApp, for your friend who is still struggling to admit it. Thanks and all the best.

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