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In this article I will address two basic questions that will make it not able to admit in the admission exams of UEM and UP.

This article is a result of the conversations I have had with my students from the Facebook Prep Group for the admission Exams.

Resolved UEM or UP exams

I don’t like to talk about exams in a particular way. Even because students who send me email asking for it, I get to some cases not to answer.

See the article on Resolved UEM exams and UP {i can use it or not} and draw your conclusions.

Previous and resolved exams

I am not against the use of previous and resolved exams, until it is very good, but if you do not have a good attitude towards it, make sure it will sink on the day of the exam itself.

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It will sink for the following reasons:

First: find that you understand a certain exercise, while there is only one photograph of the exercise solved in your brain;

Secondly: not exercising with other exercises of the same thematic unit;

Third: not studying without the resolved exams of UEM and UP by your Side.

Hugs! Any questions leave in the comments and see you there in the group!

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