Pre-registration for EMU 2019

Well, hello. Welcome to our website. I know you came here with the aim of pre-registration for Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU). Very well below I will provide some links that may help you in this task. If you need to have books or other tokens for your admission exam preparation study, you can enter this site. You can also find here on the site several issues of how to prepare for the admission exams of EMU. You can still download the EMU admission exams in PDF.As a way to make available alternatives to be able to do pre-registration online for admission exams of EMU 2019 I make available the procedures below. But please read all notices regarding the examinations in question for further clarification. Online pre-registration for EMU Admission Exams 2019

Registration procedures

Sign in to the website to pre-register: 📚🇲🇿 ➡ I advise you to follow the instructions on the respective sites thoroughly to avoid forgetting the permissions (username and password). Our website is not responsible for the availability of the portal links indicated by it. Well, it is normal to be slow or difficult to access due to the high number of candidates.

Click here to make pre-registration UP 2019

How to prepare for 2019 admission exams? You've already made the pre-registration and now you're waiting for luck to come to admitting admission exams? You need to review this! From the studies I have been doing in this area of admission exams, I have made some conclusions and created tips for students who are preparing for admission exams regardless of the course in which they intend to follow.This is why you have created a Facebook group in which you are already invited to participate. To enter click "📚🇲🇿 ➡ visit Group" and then "join the group". There are grouped all the tips and it is also easy to present your suggestions and doubts. If you need to have books or other tokens for your admission exam preparation study, you can enter this site. Well, coming to the end of this article, I think you already want to abandon our page. Okay, I agree with your decision, but I just wanted you to see this last article 📚🇲🇿 ➡ amazing results on admission exams 2019. Well, since I wish many successes.

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