Overcoming laziness to enter to UEM and UP

According to Martha Stewart “I found that if you have the urge to live and curiosity, sleeping is not the most important thing.

Hello welcome to our space. I bring here an article to add what we have already taught you, to better achieve satisfactory results for admission exams. One day we teach about better than studying a lot is to study with quality

According to Jules Renard “laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before being tired” if you have a challenge to overcome laziness towards success in admission exams , better check out the tips below:

Resist the moment you are living

You need to understand something, laziness is something that I don’t think existed before, and it may not exist in the future. Do you know why? Laziness is a transient state, it will live and then let it go away.

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Understand that today is a gift

Maybe you’re not aware. See how much sad information you’ve been with today? I’m sure a lot. The fact that you’re here today is a gift. We’ve been lacking in life recognition. There is a slogan of the Mozambique Health Ministry  that says “our greatest value is life” to unharness the days of our lives with complaints, endless guilt and afflictions is a gigantic fatality. I would like to remind you that today’s laziness is also told in your life.

Stop complaining

Perhaps it would be better to start to stop complaining, since the state of laziness carries some complaints, see the positive side of things and advances, understanding that laziness is transitory.

Understanding laziness

Are you discouraged? If so, then something needs to change. Laziness appears to give an alert that something urgently needs to change itself. When you’re discouraged, you don’t need to think outside but inside your mind, that’s all the thought that’s circulating.

Are you preparing for final or admission exams? Are you discouraged?

Best Preparation Tips for admission exams 2019 start now by doing small tasks that may even seem banal, but that your body will go into motion.

If you manage to make a small effort against your own will, you can change everything in the direction of things and transform today’s Day that you considered “lost” on a working day in your study.

Any doubts we are here. Successes.

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