A word before taking the exam (read)

Hello. This text produced for all those who will perform the exam. At this time we have students who are focused on the admission exam of the Institute for Teacher training.

Exam Preparations

  • Arranges all your ID documents today, receipts of exam fee payments between other requested documents.
  • Consider taking the materials allowed to the examination room.
  • Prepare your transport money and very pun.
  • Depending on the distance from your home to the exam site, calculate the time you should leave home, and the type of transport you will use.

What to do when you arrive at the exam site?

  • Before the exam try to relax, possibly you will see different types of people and can feel soon defeated by appearances.
  • Do not allow colleagues to change what you have been studying in time, unless you consider it right.
  • Trust yourself, and remember that everyone wants to admit at all costs.

Taking the exam

  • Fill in the sheets correctly, using all codes offered.
  • Upon receiving the statement, it launches a glance from the beginning to the end.
  • Solve the issues that seem to be simpler for you, leaving the most complex for later, taking care of the time for each question.
  • While resolving the exercise, signals the alternative in the response sheet (never leave it to the end)
  • For the questions you could not solve, don't worry, choose an alternative that seems to be the right one.

NB: Do not leave any questions blank on the response sheet, unless the examination provides an alternative outside the placed. KKK good exam for you. Successes

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