A march to see the EMU exam room, Unilurium and Unizambeze 2019

Hey, how you doing? Everything I bet for the admission exam? In fact, we shouldn't even ask the question, because we assume you've had almost enough time to better prepare for admission exams at this time. According to the 2019 notices of admission exams of EMU, unilurium and Unizambeze, everything indicates that from 07 to 11 January 2019, in a single season and with a single call will take place the admission exams in all provinces of the country.

Last days to conform to your study {12 tips}

A walk is no harm after consulting the admission exam room to EMU, Unilurium and Unizambeze, save your future by taking a walk to see "live" your exam room, because on the day of the exam it can be fatal , any mistake. Go, and avoid hearing that the examination room is on the X side, for those who cross the avenue Z. Giving a walk, in addition to knowing the exam room, you will better estimate the transport time and even the route to use to get to the exam site. On the day of the examination, there is no pity, remembering that, the entrance to the university is based on public tender, where the "strongest and organized" reach.

Last days to conform {+ 12 tips}

All the best for you, do not forget to share this article for your colleague, who also goes to the exam. Successes!

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