What's missing for UP admission exams?

Hi, I hope you're in good health. We're all accelerated due to 2019 admission exams. We've been running and managing the EMU admission exams. Since we don't have a second season of admission exams, we only have to wait to see the result. We hope that you have done your EMU admission exam well. So, next we have to focus on the UP exams. I hope you have already consulted the exam room, if you have not consulted, you can use the link to see the instructions: Consult UP exam rooms now that you've consulted the exam rooms, take a walk to get to know your "live" exam room. Be careful with the hear-say! If you already know your exam room, now make the latest revisions, relax, organize your documents for the day of the exam. That's a good job.

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Author: O Exame

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