Learn to study and shines in exams

There is no moment to lose: the exams are on the doorstep and study is the only solution to pass the year. The tension is great, but there are ways and formulas to stay calm and get to know the matter on his tongue. Believe that having good grades is a possible mission.

The best example comes from, students who study with method, which as well are preparing for exams that look like elite athletes. And maybe even be a kind of athletes of gray matter which is the brain. The rule number one is that nothing is achieved without effort. So apply all year, they know that eve studies give very bad results.

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Learning to learn is perhaps the most difficult, but after the lesson is known as cycling: never forget.

Clinging to books

Contrary to what one might think, it does not take a “library mouse” to succeed. Just like with exercise and motivation some healthy and workable rules for all: be attentive in class, review the given matter, exercising, realizing rather than decorate, have a good diet, sleep well and save a free time to relax. And do sport to oxygenate the brain.

At the time of examination, it is necessary to organize and plan the days of study, make summaries and lay summaries, ask questions, get explanations if necessary, read the article aloud, repeat and rewrite formulas and definitions.

Learn to study and shines in exams

The television, phone and Internet are out of this scheme, not to decentralize are only allowed in small doses. Younger students, the 4 and 6 years, can and should ask for help to parents to set up a study plan according to the timetable of the evidence … and follow it to the letter, with willpower.

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The effort is very intense, and there are few young people who escape the pressure of evidence and notes, being exposed to stress and anxiety peaks that hinder concentration and memorization.

To preserve this precious asset which is the memory and not to compromise the reasoning, they are absolutely advised against the use of anxiolytics, antidepressants and other psychoactive substances and coffee. And the sleepless night!

The dreaded day arrived

On examination there is a nervous niggling in the air, the school hallways are full of doubts and questions, girls and boys anxious. Many students prefer to get just the right time to not absorb this contagious atmosphere of tension.

With the evidence already in the hands, it is important to read the statement carefully and understand the questions and save harder to end or at least those whose answer is not so sure. Write legibly, without spelling errors in a clear and objective style trumps are simple but essential to a good result.

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But even the best prepared can be achieved by a “white”, one of those terrible moments when the head is empty, they do not remember anything. Before you panic, there are some quick and easy techniques that give us back control of the situation, such as making deep, rhythmic breaths or viewing an image that inspires tranquility.

Then wait for the note to be thrown on the agenda … and celebrate!

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