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Hello! You Want to maximize your free time? We Are continuing the series as we learn faster, something new every day. Capitalize time by accompanying Part # 2 if you haven't read it.

  1. Become Cult

One of the limitations of being in a single culture is that you lose the spectre of how people can actually live their lives out. The more you understand about various cultures, the more you can beat the psychology of what is essentially needed in the other world and use it as your strength.

  1. Seek Genuine Interests

It'S a shameful thing to start a conversation if you're not really interested in any. Likewise, it is a shameful thing not to act, work and behave in ways that really interest you. It's Not going to be authentic. That'S why the important thing is to truly take care of your work, relationships, success, your future and the rest. Find things in life that keep your attention and what you like to do. If really go after the things it does, then keeping up the learning process will not be an arduous task, but something in which it can pursue actively.

  1. Use Your Body

Obesity, procrastination and lethargy all have one thing in common: people who are in this situation are all incapable of using their body for their true potential. Exercise, physical movement and thought are all ways to use the things God gave us for free. Play What is always possible, do not be afraid to think, or just take this short walk in the morning for the sake of your health.

  1. Learn to negotiate

The Art of negotiation begins with the understanding that prices are not necessarily fixed. People will do a lot to win a customer, and sometimes that means they will drop the price of a purchase considerably for someone who is willing to negotiate. Those who learn this skill, would be more suitable starting on a small scale.

  1. Be Humorous

Imagine you're with your friends trapped on a deserted island with two people. One of them is annoying and the other is funny. Make sure that at all times you will prefer to do activities with the funny person, leaving the annoying to drift. The ability to be humorous is rooted in the ability to recognize the absurdity, the circumstance, the tonality, the choice of language and emphasis. These are the powerful abilities independently, but that together, form the basis of humor. Well we can't exhaust everything in this article. See upcoming skills in New skills and skills Walkthrough: How to learn something new faster every day-Part # 4 Leave your comment.

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