Do you know why the UP pre-registration hasn’t started yet?

Hi, here we are. If you did not know why, the pre-registration did not start soon after the Pedagogical University published the announcement, you stay here to know.

As we know UEM has published before the announcement of admission exams and registration has begun. Every student ran to sign up, even some without reading the announcement and even, without having made the best choices of the courses.

Learn how to choose the best course

But this is not everyone’s problem, it is the student who did not give time to read the notices and as a result of this, validated his registration and will follow a course that was not in the plans.

 Why pre-registration at UP hasn’t started yet?

Until the day we published this article was before starting the pre-registration in the UP, i.e. (November 15th). I think, in personal opinion that…

The UP is giving students time, to download the annoucement in PDF, to book a time to read and seek the best tips for choosing the course. At the UP you choose a course until then, imagine a bad choice! Could it be fatal?

You still have time to interpret everything, run and seek ways to clarify your doubts before you pre-register.  


The UP is giving you the best opportunity (even if this is not the real plan of the UP but my opinion) to reflect on your life, projecting your future, since it all depends on the choice you will make.

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