Interview on IFP admission exams {some basic tips}

Interview in the IFP admission exams

Hey, I hope you're okay. As we know, the admission exam has already been performed and the results have already come out and now there is only one interview in the admission exam for the training course of primary teachers and adult educators at the Institute for Teacher Training (IFP). Desire, a lot of strength FUTURE TEACHER! We came here to talk about the interview. On the written exam we are already taking care of the preparation tips. If you have not followed the last article, I advise you to click below: What will come out on the admission exam of the IFP 2019? Tips Just by speaking of examination already creates a despair in us, have you ever imagined talking about oral examination or another interview? So we're here to help you gain a lot of confidence, because we are and we continue to be a concerned channel in supporting students for admission exams. If taking an exam can already cause despair in many students, an oral exam can have even worse consequences. Check out 6 tips that can help you feel confident in these cases. Why can oral examinations be extremely frightening? Yes, oral examinations can be extremely frightening because they have two central aspects: #1 Remember what you studied #2 talking in front of other people still complementary aspects can be put:

  • Attention to voice tone
  • The importance of body language

Also learn how to handle your ERRORS {Basic tips} That's why we decided to support you, to get out of this situation. Here are tips that can help you do well on an oral exam:

 #1 Search for reasons

You can start by organizing all the reasons, which made you apply for the teacher training course at IFP. On the other:

  • Why did you apply for the training course for teachers and adult educators?
  • What do you know about the course?

Take notes of multiple responses and keep everything in your memory.

#2 answer in front of a mirror

After you have made the notes of several replies, answer in front of the mirror. By training in front of a mirror, you'll notice any sign of nervousness while you answer. In addition, you will feel the same feeling when someone, in this case evaluator (teacher), is staring at you.  

#3 Terms and vocabularies

Okay, now you have an idea of the answers to the questions above. Now make a list of some words and vocabularies that are usually used in teacher activity. Now, try linking these vocabularies to the answers given in the above questions. You know, this could impress your appraiser positively. By the way, have you heard of the teaching-learning process (EAP)? It's one of the terms that should take the interview.  

#4 General Culture

As we know the exam is intended to test relevant competencies orality, reading, writing, calligraphy and calculus) and motivation. Be prepared for what to give and come, preparing to read a text, write something on the chalkboard with chalk (attention on the board) and solve basic calculations.  

#5 Caring for your appearance

Although we know that appearance will not help to get a good grade with the teacher, but it'll make you feel more confident and safe. Choose an outfit with which you feel beautiful and comfortable, but be in agreement with the situation, do not exaggerate makeovers, lipsticks, perfumes…. wear formal clothes. Until that can compromise your image. Remember, it's still an exam.  

 #6 Keep Calm and Complete your answers

On the day of the test may be boiling nerves, but remember that you know the answers to the oral exam and try to keep calm. Smile a little to feel more confident and pass this impression to the evaluator (teacher). Don't get in trouble, book yourself some time to think before you answer. Attention always complete your answers, when it's time to stop talking.

#7 now it's your turn!

Share with a friend of Facebook or WhatsApp these tips; Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the tips. Successes!

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