Registrations and enrolments at UP 2019 {dates, fees, tuition fee, etc.}

New Ticket Registration

The registration of the new tickets will take place in the academic registration departments of each delegation and in the Directorate of the Academic Register of the UP-SEDE. The candidates admitted to the various courses taught at the Pedagogical University are informed that the enrollment period for the 2019 academic year and semiannual registration will take place from 11 to 22 February 2019. The instruction of the individual process of the student shall be made upon delivery of: a) duly completed form provided by the employees or previously obtained from the Web page of the Academic Registration Directorate (click here to download the form Registration); b) Photocopy of authenticated BI/DIRE; c) Two photocopies of the certificate of the 12th or certified equivalent * * *; D) A current photograph type pass; e) Declaration of military service. In the absence of the certificate, the declaration of completion of the 12th class or equivalent shall be presented. Registration will be conditional until April 12th, 2019. After this date the registration will be automatically cancelled. For candidates with "alternate" observation the registration date will be announced in each delegation. Alternates will be enrolled if vacancies are not occupied by the admitted candidates. The value of registrations outside the established deadline will be aggravated by 25% in the period from 25 February 2019 to 11 March 2019 and in 50% until 25 March 2019. Registration closes on 26 March 2019. See the announcement of Enrollulas and tuition fees if you doubt the truthfulness of the edict, enter Here.

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