How to handle your errors {basic tips}

In this article we will address about how you can handle your mistakes intelligently. As you know, here on the site we care about giving tips to accompany students in their study process, from high school to higher. See one we've left down here: Error that will make you give up course

What makes you make mistakes?

According to some research, we managed to take some scribbles, which we made mistakes for three basic reasons:

  • Lack of attention
  • Judging a situation in a wrong way
  • Not knowing all the facts

Lack of attention

For those who are reminded we approach here about the importance of being attentive to what you do in your day-to-day life. Attention can also be linked to the level of motivation you have. Lack of attention can put your life in an ever-imagined dimension. Our advice is to wake up! Learn to study and shine in exams

Judging a situation in a wrong way

Due to various experiences or even lack of them, it can make you judge a situation in a wrong way. For example we have managed difficulties in pre-registrations of students who are studying for admission exams. Such problems of judging a situation in a wrong way include, choice of courses, data registration, forgetfulness of candidate codes, passwords among others. Our advice is that you need to give yourself time to conduct yourself in the deep understanding of things supported by reading. What do you expect from a student who starts the registration process in pre-registration, but knowing, that your device does not have enough charge or even internet? This is part of judging a situation in a wrong way. Better than studying a lot is studying with quality

Not knowing all the facts

Most of them also make mistakes for not knowing things in their entirety. Here we also call the experiment. In fact, who for example has already gone from a pre-registration situation in the previous year, there will be no significant fatal errors. To escape errors, it is investing in a time statement to understand the process as a whole, through contact with "experienced" people.


Above all, seek to understand things as they are and how they work. Successes!

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