Accelerated Heart {admitted or not admitted}

Hi, in the line of waiting for results of admission exams, let’s keep talking. According to experts, there are several situations that can leave the heartbeat accelerated. During a physical activity or in situations of stress, anxiety or strong emotions, for example, the increase in heart rate is considered normal.

Results 2019 of the UP, UEM, ISRI, ISCAM, etc.

Failing admission exams is a very painful thing, but it is necessary for some people.  If we  assume that we did almost nothing, on the admission exam we deserve to fail, at least this time.

We need to absorb more content for next year. If the result goes out and the non-admission is already given as right, we don’t lose anything. We have to be aware that the whole life is made up of learning and this fall will serve as a class out front.

Countdown to the outcome of the admission exams

Many students who reprove, when grown up, say they have gained maturity and experience in life and studies.

But if you have not left the results of admission exams, admitted or not admitted, we have no way to stop hoping that our effort brings us good results.

How’s Your heart? Leave a comment below. We are together.

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