Hearsay will make you fail (Learn how?)

Hello we hope you are well. Today we will bring another tip to complement the many that we have already left here on our site, for you that is in preparation for the exams, and can be final of the 10th and 12th class.

If this is your first time here, then I advise you to read the article on the best preparation tips for admission exams for UEM and UP.

Hearing say in the preparation period for admission exams (great danger)

What motivated us to write this article was the fact that many of the students studied and followed instructions based on the hearing to say. Hearing say will not only leave you without bases, but also contribute not to admitting the next admission exams.

Have you read the announcement altogether?

Answer truthfully for yourself, because we know it’s possible and we’re sure you haven’t read it altogether. It’s too dangerous!

Also learn about preparation of success for exams

On our website, we receive thousands of questions and comments from various students throughout the country and around the world, in which they place the following questions:

  • When does the pre-registration in UEM or UP begin?
  • Can I register with a voter card?
  • What are the UP courses in Gaza?
  • Which website to register?
  • Etc

See that all questions above, do not need anyone to help answer. After a few days, I decided to give an answer to all students who put in a systematic way, which is: Read the announcement. We find that by responding to these students, we would be contributing to the training of specialist students in hearing say.

Start reading

All information pertaining to admission exams is in the notices. If you don’t read it, you’ll be saying you don’t even know the day of the exam for your chosen course. In fact, I still believe that even the course, may have been one of the heard or, who chose for you is the neighbor friend who read the announcement.

Friendly advice

Take time to read the exams, see everything, you don’t have to rush. The registration period is not one (1) day, because one knows, that it takes time to interpret and make a good choice of courses.

Read the announcement personally, because at the end of the game, life is in your hands and you will be alone on the day of the exam.

Hugs! If you like the tip, send it to your groups of friends!

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Author: O Exame

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