Geography topics for the EMU admission exam

In this article, we have come to give some topics of this can be addressed in the admission examination of EMU, specifically in the discipline of geography. So let's now go to the geography topics for the EMU admission exam.

Introduction to Geographic thinking

-Characterize the geographic currents


-Define the various concepts related to atmospheric phenomena. -Characterize the various atmospheric phenomena. -Distinguish and characterize the layers of the atmosphere. -Explain the main processes of heating the atmosphere. -Identify and characterize the barometric centers. -Identify and characterize the various types of rainfall. -Explain the process of formation of the various types of rain. -Explain the phenomena related to water on Earth.


-Locate the regions of occurrence of earthquakes and volcanoes. -Explain the phenomena of external geodynamics. -Distinguish the main types of rock. -Explain the various movements that occur inside the terrestrial crust. -Explain the forms resulting from the tectonic movements. -Explain the importance of phenomena occurring inside the crusta.


-Explain the meaning of the terms and concepts related to the matter of the population. -Explain the evolution of the world population. -Explain the factors affecting the various demographic variables. -Identify demographic variables and their interaction. -Interpret the different demographic doctrines. -Identify the aspects that characterize each of the demographic policies. -Explain the demographic structures. -Relate the development of society with the behavior of population phenomena.


-Explain the role of natural and socio-economic factors in agrarian activity. -Differentiate the various types of agriculture. -Characterize the agrarian systems. -Analyse the environmental impact of agricultural activity.

The industry

-Explain the evolution of industrial activity globally. -Identify and explain the stages of industrial development. -Explain the influence of the main natural and socio-economic factors in the localization of industrial production. -Characterize the different types of industry. -Analyze the impact of the industry on the environment.

Transport and Communications

-Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of transport and communications. -Analyse the impact of transport on the environment.


-Explain the relationships established between the countryside and the city. -Explain the main urban environmental problems. NB: These topics do not exempt the consultation of all information in EMU concerning the geography exams. If you liked the topics, please share using WhatsApp or Facebook.

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