French topics for the EMU admission exam

In this article, we have come to give some topics of this can be addressed in the admission examination of EMU, specifically in the French discipline. So let's now go to the French topics for the EMU admission exam.

Informative, descriptive or narrative text.

Questionnaires: TRUE/False or multiple-choice question-answer

The nominal group:

-Name (noun); -Determinants of the name (articles, possessive and demonstrative adjectives); -Qualifying adjectives and numerals; Pronouns

The verb: modes-indicative/imperative

-Times: Past, present, future.


The different types of phrases

Text production

-Writing small informative, descriptive or narrative texts, coherent and clearly articulated from topics, models and other types of media. -A letter, a message, an announcement, a dialogue or an article that reports events and past, present or future. NB: These topics do not exempt the consultation of all information in EMU on French examinations. If you liked the topics, please share using WhatsApp or Facebook.

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