Chemistry topics for the EMU admission exam

In this article, we have come to give some topics of this can be addressed in the admission examination of EMU, specifically in the discipline of chemistry. So let's now go to the chemistry topics for the EMU admission exam.

Electronic distribution. Group, period

-Variation of properties based on electronic distribution. -Valence, NOX, mass number and atomic number

Average and instantaneous velocity calculations of a chemical reaction. Speed Act.

-Factors influencing the velocity of a chemical reaction. -Reaction mechanism.

Calculations involving constant chemical equilibrium.

-Balance shifting.

PH and pOH calculations

-Acid theory/base according to Brónsted and Arrhenius. -Solubility and solubility product calculations. -Ionic water product. -PH calculation of buffer solution.

Redox reactions

-Semi-equations. -Oxifying and reducing agents. Electrochemical. -Galvanic cell.

Functional groups of organic compounds

Nomenclature of organic compounds

Chemical properties of carboxylic acids.

Chemical properties of alcohols

Applications of aldehydes

  NB: These topics do not exempt the consultation of all information in EMU on chemistry exams. If you liked the topics, please share using WhatsApp or Facebook.

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