History topics for the EMU admission exam

In this article, we have come to give some topics of this can be addressed in the admission examination of EMU, specifically in the discipline of history. Remember that we have already discussed Portuguese topics for the EMU admission exam. So let's now go to the history topics for the EMU admission exam.

History of History

-The emergence and importance of writing. -The Jewish and biblical historiography. -African historiography.

Notions about the methodology and epistemology of history

-The methods in history. -The inexhaustability and relativity of knowledge. -The methisciplinarity.

The invasion, sharing and effective occupation of Africa

-Missionary and military expeditions. -Causes, objectives and deliberations of the Berlin Conference.

The Liberation Movement in Africa

African countries towards independence

-British West Africa and Southern Africa.

Mozambique: The Earth and the people.

States in Mozambique and foreign market penetration

The period of colonial domination in Mozambique

The Colonial fascism

The Bourgeois revolutions (Sec. XVII and XVIII)

The First World War (1914-1918)

Fascism and Nazism

The Second World War (1939-1945)

  NB: These topics do not exempt the consultation of all information in EMU concerning the history exams. If you liked the topics, please share using WhatsApp or Facebook.

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