Biology topics for the EMU admission exam

In this article, we have come to give some topics of this can be addressed in the admission examination of EMU, specifically in the discipline of biology. So let's now go to the biology topics for the EMU admission exam.


. Systematic of plants and trend of evolution. Classification of living beings, from protists to animals. Taxonomic groups. Life cycle of Plasmodium. Kingdom Monera. Trend in the evolution of certain systems and organs. Reino Fungi (fungi). Virus. Several concepts related to systematics. Life cycle of Angiospermics. Animal Kingdom  


. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Movement of substances to cells;. Energy and organization-cellular respiration. Anaerobic respiration. Cell cycle (mitosis and meiosis). Enzymes


. Conducting gross sap through conductive vessels. Photosynthesis. Vegetable hormones. Mitichondrias and chloroplasts. Movement of Plants curvatures


. Digestive system. Circulatory system. Respiratory system. Excretion system. Endocrine system. Nervous system. Organ of the senses. Embryogenesis of animal groups. NB Reproductive System: These topics do not exempt the consultation of all information in EMU concerning the biology exams. If you liked the topics, please share using WhatsApp or Facebook.

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