Download edital from IFP and EPF 2019 in PDF

Please note: On this page you will have two notices, one of the 10th Class + 1 year course and another of the 12th class + 3 years course. Before you forget, enter here on this site, because we have mathematical admission exams of the training course of teachers resolved the Ministry of Education and Human development through the National Institute of Examinations, certification and equivalences, It makes public that will take place between the 08th and 26th of January 2019, the admission exams for entering the institutions of teacher Training (IFP) and teachers ' Schools of the Future (EPF) for primary education. The course lasts for 1 year, this is the 10th Class + 1 year.

Download the IFP and EPF 2019 announcement here

Through the link below you will be able to download the teacher course notice. It should be noted that it lasts for 3 years, this is 12th class + 3 years. Download edital of the training course for primary teachers and adult educators 2019 The exams will comprise written tests with multiple choice questions and interviews. You can follow more tips on how to study for admission exams, here on our website. If you go to IFP or EPF subscribe to our channel and ask your questions. Successes.

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