Pre-registration 2020 for UP and EMU admission exams

As a way to make available alternatives to be able to do pre-registration online for admission exams of UP and EMU 2020 make available the links below. But please read all notices regarding the examinations in question for further clarification.

Online pre-registration for UP 2020 admission Exams

Registration procedures

Access the portal of the Admission Exams Committee of the Pedagogical University (UP) by one of the following sites: Http:// or the direct link

Online pre-registration for EMU admission Exams 2020

Registration procedures

Log in to the site to pre-register: For both processes, I advise you to thoroughly follow the instructions on the respective websites to avoid forgetting permissions (username and password).

Well, it is normal to be slow or difficult to access due to the high number of candidates.


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Author: O Exame

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