Notice of ACIPOL 2019 {Admission Exams}

Hello! We are here once again to say that one of the most anticipated notices for the academic year of 2019 is already here. I'm talking about the ACIPOL 2019 announcement. We are still looking forward to the news of the EMU and UP admission exams notices. Some of the students are already well advanced in preparation tips for the 2020 admission exams. If you have not yet begun to see some, I start just below to show you the first hint-amazing results on admission exams 2020.

ACIPOL 2019 Admission Exams

In order to apply for ACIPOL, you need to take the same concern as if you were preparing for the admission exams of ISCISA, EMU or PU. A lot of dedication is needed, given the specificity of this course. You can download the ISCISA 2019 announcement here.

ACIPOL 2019 Announcement

As part of the process of joining the Academy of Police Sciences (ACIPOL), it becomes public that will take place inscriptions and exams for admission to the Bachelor course in police sciences, in a unique era.Download ACIPOL 2019 Edital Successes!

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