120 minutes to 60 questions in UEM {What to do?}

Hi how are you? In our article today, we will talk about how you should manage the time during the admission examination of Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM).

Notice 2019 of the admission exams of the UP, UEM, ISRI

I bring this article because I know that many students even after they have prepared almost well, end up failing to fail. In this article I will show in basic steps how to control the time in admission exams of UEM. Generally, UEM admission exams have 60 questions to be resolved in 120 minutes. This leads us to deduce that the average resolution is 2 minutes per question.

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To control the time:

First solve the easiest questions

Squeeze the accelerator and clear the easiest questions, so you can earn the rest of the time for the more complex ones. I don’t advise you to start more difficult questions.

Pre-registration for UEM 2019

Walk along the known path

When you receive your statement from UEM, better align the questions that are easier to the questions that are familiar and have affinity with them. Starting with family questions, make sure you get a lot of confidence to continue the hike.

Start by reading the question before the text

If you’re facing an exam that has text and questions, you better start by reading the questions, and then go to the text. That way you’ll feel a lot of firmness and things will run properly.

When does the UP and UEM 2019 come out?

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A lot of practice

Above all that said above, it is better to practice just now so that when the day comes, find him with more safety and spirit in shape.

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